Pings & Associates


Pings & Associates was founded on the basic principle of helping others – clients, the public, and end users. Our focus is not about the buildings we design, but rather about the people who use them. In an era of architectural complacency, we are committed to what could be, working within today’s realities to answer tomorrow’s needs.

Architecture is a major expenditure that must provide a return on investment. Designing facilities that can anticipate and provide the flexibility needed for the future is the hallmark of Pings & Associates. Inherently adaptable facilities provide the best investment protection. Anticipating decades of change is factored into every decision made; we work to provide the solutions that address not only today’s realities and needs, but also those of tomorrow.

A client is best served when working with architectural practitioners who are knowledgeable in the needs specific to his or her industry, and who are conversant in the full spectrum of possible solutions. Pings & Associates is based on and committed to industry specific research, blending each client’s unique needs with this larger body of knowledge. Working together, a client specific path forward is defined.